What our Customers say...


Great customer service focus, caring attitudes. I highly recommend

Rick and his crew were quick to react to my needs, courteous, attentive and did a great job.

I need to know my call will be immediately answered, and my issues taken care of every single time. That's why I keep SERVPRO in my phone. The team at Maury / Giles has never failed me; I'm certain they never will!

We needed immediate service to get our offices back operational after a sewage incident put up out of commission. I can't express how thankful I am that SERVPRO recognized the importance of getting us up and running as fast as possible.

Great company. They came out immediately when I called and took care of things just like they promised.

My mother-in-law left a pot on the stove and the contents burned and boiled smoke all through the front of the house. The smoke was bad enough, but the scorched smell was the worst! SERVPRO of Maury / Giles Counties managed to make everything look great, and smell even better!  I highly recommend them!

This SERVPRO team came to help fix my damage after a heavy storm turned water into my house through the garage doors. They were very helpful and did an excellent job, and so fast!

A combination of heavy rains and gutter installation issues caused flooding in my lower level. I was stressed beyond belief at the mess it caused, but SERVPRO sent out a crew that knew how to take care of everything, and so quickly. I'm happy to report my home is dry (and my gutters are fixed now, too)!

Solid company, with the best crew! Everything I needed was done neatly and timely, and with such enjoyable crew members. I recommend them highly to anyone!

Excellent customer service, and a heart for our community. I appreciate the work they do to help put people's homes back after damages, and the work they do to build up the community.

SERVPRO saved me when my ice maker line broke and caused damage to my kitchen floor and basement ceiling. I appreciate how the staff explained everything to me so I understood the whole process every step of the way.

My HVAC leaked all over the basement, soaking the walls of the floors and walls. I called SERVPRO of Maury / Giles Counties to help and they had it dry and livable faster than I could have ever imagined!

My HVAC leaked all over the basement, soaking the walls of the floors and walls. I called SERVPRO of Maury / Giles Counties to help and they had it dry and livable faster than I could have ever imagined!

I have been in the Real Estate business for 10 years and have referred my clients to SERVPRO. SERVPRO conducts their business in a highly professional manner and is very respectful of the client's situation. They offer a wide variety of services and are accommodating to the client. Whether it is as simple as a pet odor in the home to a major mold issue, SERVPRO will examine the situation and give you the most efficient, cost effective resolution. I have found SERVPRO's staff to be quite knowledgeable and I highly recommend their services.

We left the windows and sunroof open on our minivan and had a summer downpour. After another day and a half of scattered thunderstorms, it became obvious we would not be drying the van out on our own. My husband was hesitant to "hire it done" due to cost, but the horrible smell and squishy seats helped me convince him on day 2. SERVPRO got my van in right away, were very professional and informative about the whole process and cost, and they got the van dry in a shorter time than they quoted me. They were not as costly as we expected - far cheaper than if we had to buy equipment to dry the van ourselves! We're very satisfied with the service and will call them again if we need anything like this done.  

Maury County Fire Department is proud of the partnership between SERVPRO and MCFD to bring Pet Oxygen Masks to Maury County for possible use on animals rescued from fire conditions. SERVPRO provided the masks to the department free of charge.

They helped us get the store cleaned up and open for business after a fire. They are great to work with. Thanks, SERVPRO!

SERVPRO of Maury / Giles was quick to respond and very courteous and attentive to my needs. I appreciate Rick and his crew for the attention they gave my issues, concerns, and questions!

Now I cannot even tell where the damage was, that’s how impressive the SERVPRO team actually is. Thank you so much for your fast response. 

I am thankful that you already work with insurance companies, because we didn’t know what to do when the house fire broke out. You made the whole thing seamless and our home looks amazing. Very professional. 

We didn’t even know mold was growing in our home until your inspection helped us to locate it. Thank you for your swift removal and cleanup of the damage. 

I’m on the road a lot, and when a pipe burst in my home while I was away, your team had it fixed and restored before I made it back. A+++ service.

When our crawlspace flooded, I was happy to see your team take it so seriously and work to protect our home. Thank you SERVPRO. 

I cannot thank your rapid response team enough. All of our music gear got saved from the water damage by your fast efforts. 

Your professionals made quite an impression on our entire family, taking control of a traumatic situation and helping us to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are grateful for your professionalism. 

58. – I already had the chance to recommend your services to someone else because I couldn’t stop talking about how great my house looks after the fire. Excellent work by your entire team. 

I don’t think any other restoration company would have taken the time to protect our belongings in the house, and that means more than cleaning up the mess and restoring our home. Thank you SERVPRO.

You sent a guy out in the middle of the night when my dryer malfunctioned and left a foul odor throughout the house. In just a couple hours, everything was back to normal. Awesome.

My pastor recommended SERVPRO and we are thankful he did. Everyone was so nice and our home has never looked better. 

After the flood I knew that I would need reconstruction, but your team worked around the clock, even through reconstruction, to get us back in our house quickly. Very impressive work. 

SERVPRO is the real deal. Knowledgeable technicians, friendly customer service, great result. Thank you. 

Opening up our doors this morning felt great because I knew that every trace of the fire damage was gone. The customers and staff also sent their thanks along to the amazing SERVPRO team.

I wanted to take a moment and tell you how much I appreciate the entire team for accommodating us in this difficult time. We just got back into our home this week and everything looks amazing.